How To Disable ads on your Android smartphone

 The method described below works on Android, starting from version 9.0, however, if your device has an Android version lower than the required one, you can alternatively use the AdGuard ad blocker 

You can find out the version of the android by going to the system settings by opening the item "About device" or "About phone". The Android version field will indicate the currently installed version.

Now let's move on directly to disabling ads. Note that on different devices, the item names may differ:

Let's get started:

1. Open settings> wireless networks (Network and Internet) 

2. We see the item Private DNS. (You may have it in a separate menu "Other settings") 

3. In the field that opens, enter ""

That's it, close the settings and enjoy the absence of ads.

You can also disable advertising through a router - then all devices on the network will work without advertising. 

This method works on all devices connected to the router PC, laptop, phone, etc.

We will block it using DNS AdGuard

1. We enter the settings of the router through the browser, drive in the line , or the password and login, if you have not changed admin

2. We find the DNS settings, on each router in different ways.

3. We drive in these addresses:

That's it, there are no more ads.

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