How to Use Bin (Bank Identical Number)

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So a lot of people asking me about how to use BIN and what is BIN. so i am gonna just explain it short.

1) What is Bin :

BIN - Bank identification Number, which specifies the bank, and in most cases its first 6 digits of your Credit/Debit Card.

2) How to make credit cards from BIN?

Well there are scripts to make cards which performs different algorithm just like Banks to get the correct number that a credit/debit card must have.

3) Some bins says Direct Some says via Paypal

Confused ?? 

Yeah so there r many types u can make account with BIN i mean there r multiple types of bin 

I am gonna list easiest to hardest types in order 

1) Direct bins : 

direct bins r the bins in which u have to just generate cards and try those cards on mentioned site directly that's why it calls direct Bins and its easiest to use any DUMB person can implement this 

2) bin Via Paypal :

this is little harder than direct bin and it requires little knowledge here so avoid this if u have never used paypal !! In this u have to opt for payment through  Paypal so u have to make account on paypal and than put those generated cards on paypal to link with them  !! Will explain it in detail very soon how to use this 

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3) Via App Store : 

Sorry Peeps i dont know this bcz i have never ever tried this method still i will explain it in detail if u want me to write 

Now we r gonna going to learn about direct Bins here 

First step in using bins is to generate Credit cards.. 

4) How to Generate Cards :

Some Credit Card Generator :-

Open the site and Just Paste The BIN(in the BIN box) and click on Generate Cards on The Site

 i am telling you that there is no need to check for live cards, if the BIN is said to be working on Any Site then just Generate Cards!! No Need to Check lives 

5) How to check whether card is live or dead :

Still if u want to check the card i am dropping here 1 Credit Card Checker ::--- 

The information in this post is provided solely for educational reasons. This website is solely for the purpose of demonstrating how various scams work and how to prevent being a victim. There's no way of knowing if the information in this post is accurate or up to date. We make no express or implied claims or assurances regarding the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the information. 

( U have to register  Acc in this site and to check multiple cards together u have to add 1$ in ur account they r not gonna charge u for checking cards tht 1$ will remain in ur acc forever !! Still if u don't want to pay any amount u can check cards 1 by 1 , Means Single card at a time u can check for free )

After Generating Some Cards, Just Use Them On the Site that have been mentioned!! 

( Means if bin is for netflix than generate the cards and use them on Netflix only )

For Example

If you've Provided some information Like -


BIN- 46969696


6) WTF is here :

is nothing its just space for random number !! Generator puts random number instead of X nd generates the card 

So Just copy the BIN provided and create at least 1 card from generator and copy it!!

Now connect to some premium VPN which Provides USA counties IP. You can use sock5 too (if you know about them, not gonna clear them in this one)

7) Can i Use Free VPN Available On Playstore or App Store : 

No Man u cannot !! Ips of free VPN r blocked in netflix nd etc etc sites so u have to Use Premium VPN like 





If u use Free vpn than while Creating the account it will show u an error saying there is a problem with ur payment  Method in netflix

8) Why they have Written IP in the bin ? Cant i just directly Use it without any VPN 

Well no , they have written the IP bcz the cards which u generated works on specified country only !! U cant use american banks card in india with ur own IP 

In every bin iP is always mentioned !! When it says IP : USA u have to connect vpn to usa server OR if it says Ip : BRAZIL than connect vpn to Brazilian serve

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